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Thinking of a Career as a Dance Teacher ?

Whether you are an Ex Professional Dancer of the dance industry, just recently graduated from a vocational college and wanting to further your training. Or simply, in-between performance contracts and you wish to ‘set the ball rolling’ on qualifying as a Dance Teacher enabling you to continue on your dance career for many years to come.

Where doe a Great Dance Teacher come from?

The answer is simple. Great teachers come from great teachers!

Do your research on your dance teachers and the course you are considering before you embark on into a popular venue because its closer to home, its maybe cheaper than other establishments,  it includes a fancy name that you like the sound of. More importantly consider reputation, course content, successful outcomes to name but a few. These are some of the things that matter the most when deciding where, who and which course to enrol onto.

Great teachers come from all walks of life, some have been all the way through the training, starting their dance journey from a young age and gone on to secure contracts with professional companies, working with many different dance directors in a mix of genres and are now able to therefore bring a wide range of knowledge and wisdom into the studio to pass it all on, to willing students, eager to replicate their teachers career somewhat. Other great teachers,  simply have that natural ability to communicate movement to others and choreograph step combinations or routines that are beneficial to the younger dancer. But one thing that all great teachers have in common is experience with the dance industry.

How did your dance teacher arrived in their post, they hold;

As mentioned above, Experience.

A fantastic eye for detail

A great communicator able to deliver clear and valuable instruction to others.

Excellent training standards which, includes health and safe dance teaching policies.

Able to see the potential in others and successfully guide them through their training into the industry.

Belief in their dancers, boosting confidence into them at all times, even when a dancer possibly doesn’t quite believe in themselves, just yet.

Excellent dance demonstration.

Knowledge of the syllabi and the industry requirements.

Excellent understanding of musicality and the linking, of music and dance.

Insistence on the quality of movement. The nuts and bolts of ‘HOW’ a movement is carried out.

And finally…. Passion! You want your dance teacher to be passionate about what they are teaching you.

Our course criteria and teaching dance genres can be found on our ‘Courses and Qualifications’ Page on our website, sub heading ‘Course Modules’

Being able to show a high level of demonstration and an understanding of movement is vital.

For a new teacher to begin their DDE teaching qualifications. The teacher must have successfully passed an exam at Intermediate level in their chosen genre. The higher the teaching qualification achievement  the higher the vocational level of dancers examination passed is required.

For example to study towards Licentiate, a teacher must have passed an Advanced 1 level examination. For studying towards Fellowship, then the Advanced 2 examination must have been successfully achieved. Meeting such criteria ensures that a teacher has been successful, in demonstrating all aspects of dance demonstration and ability required, knowledge of technique, musicality and performance, therefore achieving the required level of dance in order to teach it.

Do not however worry if you feel you are unable to pass an exam at Advanced 1 & 2 level.

“The ISTD have created alternative Advanced 1 and 2 Analysis Examinations in Cecchetti, Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre and Tap Dance to test the same technical and artistic knowledge, without relying on high level physical fitness.”

This has therefore removed many barriers from preventing great teachers from progressing further into Licentiate and Fellowship training, or even becoming Examiners and Faculty Committee members.

If you are an Ex Professional, just recently graduated from a vocational college or a dancer in training, yet looking to start your career in dance teaching sooner than later, then get in touch with us  today on 01925 837693 and speak to our friendly staff and teachers who will look forward to answering any questions you may have on doing exactly that!

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