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What’s it like to be a dancer in training at KS Dance?

Training at KS Dance… If only we all had a crystal ball and the ability to get that question answered!

Well….. rest all that mind chatter and read on, as we have asked some of our students, from past and present to tell you exactly what it’s like to be a dancer in full time training at KS Dance.

Training at KS Dance

Emily Theana Carline – Contract with Costa Cruises on Graduating from KS Dance.

“I chose to train at KS Dance because of the variety of styles available to me. The college is personal and I was made to feel part of a supportive family. In my graduate year I received so much support helping me secure job. The amazing faculty definitely prepare you for the professional industry. KS Dance will always have a special place in my heart”

Danielle Burgess – 3rd year student in the Classical Stream. Graduating 2020.

“At KS Dance you receive an extremely high level of training from the large variety of different teachers who have all had the best experiences from the industry. You learn not only how to dance at the best level, but you also learn important life skills and receive a lot of care, support and commitment from everybody there. It is as they say like being part of a big family.”

Rebecca Harrington – Graduate of KS Dance 2019 and currently completing her DDE in Teaching Tap and Ballet.

“Choosing to train at KS Dance was my best decision. With a friendly, family atmosphere and dedicated, passionate teachers I felt I really improved during my 3 years of training. I gained more versatility as a performer and experienced life in touring company. The KS Dance team have given me the skills needed for a professional career in dance.”

Elliot Adams – Graduate of KS Dance 2019 and currently dancing with Varna Ballet Company, Bulgaria.

Training at KS Dance is Great because of the wide variety of dance styles that are taught on the course which, allows us as dance students to become well-rounded dancers and pursue a career in whichever  style we like. Each student gets to study whatever Style that is best for them and treated as an individual receiving regular feedback from the teachers allowing us to become the best artists we can be.

Chloe Horton – 3rd year student in the Classical Stream. Graduating 2020.

“Since moving to KS  Dance I have learned how to value myself as a dancer again. Because the classes are smaller, each one of us gets a lot of attention meaning, we are always aware of what we need to work on and what to improve on. The teachers are able to create a bond with each and everyone of us and I think that comes through in the atmosphere of the classes at college. I have been able to try different styles that I haven’t attempted before and because of this, I’m now a much more rounded dancer. I’ve truly found a second family here at KS Dance and made a support network that will last me through my career.”

Ben Newman – 2nd year student in the Classical Stream. Graduating 2021.

“KS Dance have been amazing, the smaller classes mean you get lots of advice and corrections from the teachers. The staff are great and really helpful. The standard of expectation is high yet, reasonable. The boys classes concentrate on all male steps, combinations and solos under the guidance of ex professional male dancers.This college provides you with a great preparation for a career in dance.”

It can be a difficult decision choosing the right college, the right training and the right environment to train in for you.

We would encourage you to pick up the phone and call us on 01925 837693 and put to us any questions that you have at this time regarding training with us.

Some questions to ask possibly:

  1. What training does the college offer, Dance styles, Teaching qualifications, Educational studies, Diplomas etc?
  2. How many days and hours of dance training will the students be doing per week?
  3. What opportunities arise for the students, whilst training at the college?
  4. What happens after the course is finished? What do the students leave with?

We have always had the outlook that it is not only the dancer in the family that goes through the training but, the entire family unit. Our Principal Miss Kate Simmons, keeps in close contact with Parents/Guardians of all students during their training years with us to ensure that full value and understanding of the training is well communicated back and forth. The advantage is the student is supported from all angles in their training. It is important that everyone is “Singing from the same hymn sheet.”

It takes a good amount of hard work and effort from all involved when training someone to become a professional dancer. Our success stories and fantastic destinations come because our dancers have a huge team of support behind them, all the way!

Our September Term Entry Applications are still open and can also be requested via Email;

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