About Kate Simmons and KS Dance

Kate Simmons and her team have been training dancers and teachers for thirty years in KS Dance Senior Programme.
Based in Warrington, Cheshire (with easy access to the cities of Manchester and Liverpool) The college has an excellent reputation for the quality of its training as well as its Graduates’ employment and pastoral care.

Students are able to realise their true potential with one to one coaching.

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Our Training

World Renowned Dance Training of the Highest Calibre. Kate Simmons and her team are some of the UK’s most highly thought of when it comes to vocational Dance Training with many current Teachers in other vocational schools having been taught by Kate herself.

As a fully Accredited and Recognised College and School, KS Dance offers a yearly timetable full of performance experience and elite training. The team consists of specialists to aid a student to pursue the exact career of their dreams. Students often receive feedback and coaching on a 1 to 1 basis to ensure their technique is honed, nurtured and developed.

Annual Theatre Performances & Allegrodance Touring Company Experience offers Dancers the “Dance Company” Experience. Students ‘learn the ropes’ when it comes to theatre. These performances also contribute to their Diploma/Degree Programme.

KS Dance also boasts a significant Dancer Health programme with the integration of Rupert Wiltshire as our Head of Dance Health and Science. This allows students to manage their bodies, conditioning, strength and health awareness.

Current and Ex-Professionals are also regularly visiting KS Dance to continue their training as Dancers or Teachers. This allows students to mix with Dancers who are presently in the industry.

Dancers at KS Dance have been consistently featuring in competitions around the world with a number of students winning prizes on the worlds most competitive stages. Read MORE

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Student Pastoral Care

The college provides each Student with a copy of The Student Handbook which, outlines many issues that can affect a students sense of well-being. Advice and information is provided within The Student Handbook on how to act if the students well-being is negatively affected. The college has in place and practices an Equal Opportunities Policy that is strictly heeded to and a Complaints Policy in place should that policy ever be breached.

The college prides itself on its commitment to each individual students talent and also ensuring their well-being is nurtured. All staff and teachers are highly trained in all areas of health and safety matters in education relating to young people and specific issues concerning the of vocational age year groups.

All students have access to An Independent Confidential Psychologist who can deal with an array of important matters spanning from mental health, including stress, abuse and relationships etc.

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Kate Simmons

 Our Faculty

Kate Simmons
Founder & Director
Fellow and Senior Examiner ISTD (Cecchetti Faculty) Holder of Enrico Cecchetti Diploma, Ex London Festival Ballet, Ex Vice Chair Cecchetti Faculty Committee Member and CICB UK Delegate.

Gillian Hurst
Deputy Principal Senior
RBS Dip (TTC), ARAD,DDE (NB), Fellow & Senior Examiner Spanish Dance Society, Holder of Enrico Cecchetti Diploma, Head of Teacher Training, over 25 years with KS Dance.

Tracey Moss
Deputy Principal Junior
FISTD (Tap Branch), FISTD (Cecchetti Ballet) Holder of the Enrico Cecchetti Diploma IDB (Spanish Dance Society) Lecturer of Level 6 Diploma, over 26 years with KS Dance.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the college and Kate Simmons to train Dancers to the highest level producing hardworking, talented individuals who will thrive in The Dance and Performing Arts Industries. Our training offers students the opportunity to be guided and mentored by a selection of the Worlds Premier Teachers. Our goal is to prepare Dancers for the career of their choice, from Classical Ballet to West End Productions, to starting their own Dance School.

KS Dance Philosophy

KS Dance is founded upon the principles of teaching Dancers to perform at an international standard as the world of Art and Performing Arts continues to change and push the limits of its Artists.

The KS Dance Promise

This Professional Dance School ensures that its Dancers are offered a variety of opportunities which include; current industry links to Ballet, Contemporary & Commercial Companies and other Touring Productions, chances to perform and compete at international competitions and performances around the UK and Europe with our own touring company; Allegrodance.