For more information on our Lower School and Children’s Dance Classes Warrington, visit out Lower School Website – Kate Simmons Dance, Warrington.

Our Youngest of Children’s Dance Classes. This class is all about introducing young children from the age of 3 years old to the ballet basics through movement, song and play.
We encourage our budding ballerinas to explore their own ability to move as we help in developing their confidence levels through dance and singing. This class brings so much joy and laughter to our youngest members.

Pre-School Ballet classes start at the age of 4. This class is of a ballet structure with musical movement incorporated within the steps therefore, a lot of basic co-ordination is learnt here. After a year the children are usually ready to attend a more traditional style of ballet class. In our Primary Ballet Classes is where the children will be able to work towards their first ballet exam. Our Primary level Ballet class follows a syllabus. The children learn and partake in exams dancing the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Primary Syllabus awarded by the ISTD.

As Children progress through our Ballet Grades, the standard of out training in all styles matches that of our full time college and pre-professional Dancers therefore ensuring the best possible Teaching and facilities for our young Dancers. Training with Kate Simmons Dance , it is advisable for the notable progression of each dance student, that they attend at least 2 classes per week of the same subject, especially if  working towards a dance exam. This in order to achieve the highest in industry standards.

Kate Simmons Dance offers a wide variety of Children’s Dance Classes for all ages, including Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Lyrical Jazz, Contemporary, Strength & Flexibility classes, Commercial,  Spanish and Tap Dance.

If you require more information about our classes or registering to join the school, please contact us.

Kate Simmons Dance also have their own annual productions. Kate Simmons Dance believes it is important for young dancers to have the opportunities to perform on stage in a theatre. Performance skills are valuable experiences for young children and at Kate Simmons Dance we understand the importance dance plays in their development. Performing enables our younger students to grasp a sense of where their training is leading them. Kate Simmons Dance also participates in dance National and International competitions for its Juniors members

Modern and Lyrical 

Our Modern classes are available from the age of 6 and over (Grade 1 Ballet). Lyrical is available to our Dancers from Age 8 and up (Grade 2 Ballet). This ensures that our Dancers can develop their coordination and flexibility within Ballet that will allow for their advancement in these Modern Styles.

Our Modern Classes are taught by Miss Jane and Miss Mariella. Both of whom have extensive professional experience as well as enriching young Dancers with the confidence to challenge themselves and express in the art form.

Our Base in ISTD Modern forms as a strong foundation for Technique and Versatility.

The Competition team is a group of dancers within the school that are highly committed and would like the opportunity to compete and test their skills against other dancers from around the country.

Our team members perform and work on group dances which are great fun and a chance to dance with friends. You can also have multiple solos – Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, Song and Dance to name a few! Members also have the opportunity to become part of Duets and Trios.

The team members have to be completely committed and parents/guardians will also need to be in complete support. Competitions are often at weekends and during school holidays and as a team member you will need to be available and willing to travel to these events.

We have compulsory classes that team members must attend each week.

Senior’s Team Ages 13-18 – Ballet, Modern, Tap, Lyrical, Strength & Flexibilty with Commercial or Musical Theatre

Inter’s Team Ages 9-12 – Ballet, Modern, Tap, Lyrical, Strength & Flexibility.

Team members must also attend a 1:1 Private lesson each week. This is where you will work on your solos and develop new choreography and perfect existing solos.

In addition team members must also attend one Sunday in the month for ‘Team Day’ This is where you will rehearse Duets, Trios and Group dances. It is a time to work as a team and perform your solos in front of your friends.

Tap, Commercial and Musical Theatre

Our Tappers can begin at age 4 alongside our Commercial and Street Classes are for those 4 and above.

We pride ourselves on fun and energetic classes in these genre where the Dancers can explore rhythm and individualised flare. All of students perform in these styles in our annual shows. Our Children’s Dance Classes have been running in Warrington for over 30 years with fun and entertainment at its roots.

Our Tap Classes are Run by Mis Tracey and Miss Amanda.

Our Commercial Classes are headed up by Miss Natalie: a former Professional Dancer in the Cruise Ship Industry.

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