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Watch KS Dance Perform this Spring at The Brindley Theatre in Runcorn. 22nd 23rd and 24th March 2024

Watching KS Dance Perform is a great way to get a feel for the dedication and expertise that goes into training young Dancers for their career.

Cinderella and The KS Dance Showcase highlight the talent of the next generation of Dancer and the team are delighted to bring such a Show to the Northwest of England.

With a traditional telling of Cinderella and a high energy showcase performance this is an evening to be enjoyed by all ages with a variety of Musical Theatre, Jazz, Commercial, Tap, Contemporary and Ballet.

KS Dance Evening performances display our Upper School students at their finest as well as the upper age groups of our Lower School. This year we are delighted to present Choreography from a wide array of KS faculty and choreographers including: Emma Briggs, Gillian Hurst, Matthew Topliss, Natalie Maloney, Amanda Gilliland, Jane Bradley, Tracey Moss and Kate Simmons.

All of our performances are geared towards creating a Professional Environment for our students with the latest technology, media and design so they can flourish as they make their steps towards a Career in Performing Arts.