ALLEGRODANCE TOURING COMPANY: Student and Professional Dance Company

Allegrodance Company is an opportunity for our dancers to gain experience above and beyond their training at the School.  Our policy has always been taking Allegrodance to children and the community. Just as it is important for us to celebrate our own achievements, it is important to expose other school and college students to different cultures and arts. They look forward to  dance workshops and dance performances and then often aspire to the quality displayed.

Students at KS Dance have the opportunity to gain valuable career experience Dancing and Performing in Lead Roles and Ensembles around the UK before entering the professional world. Past Students have noted that Allegrodance has proven useful when applying for professional work.


All the students take part in Allegrodance . The students not only learn very varied Classical Repertoire, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Spanish works in a short period of time but they also have the opportunity to display their own creative works on the Tour. Performances in Allegrodance are part of the students’ studies at KS Dance in association with Trinity College London.

Each performance can be followed by a dance workshop for the audience or children within the school, the teachers course students usually take these workshops and teach selected parts of the show that the children have just seen – therefore they are able to experience the choreography first hand. The students benefit not only by performing in an array of different venues but by the experience of working with children or students from different age groups in the dance workshops.

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-Nicholas Manning, Technical Team Leader, Central Services Team MMU commented:

I had the honour of letting Allegrodance Touring Company in through the back door of the Grosvenor Building . I had no idea who or what I was allowing in through the door but once you were in and had rehearsed… Wow!
I thought you were all amazing and very professional. I felt privileged to witness such superb skill and dexterity.
Congratulations on a First Class performance. Thank you.

Allegrodance 2018