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Choreography Competition 2019 Results

Choreography Success

As part of a dancers development it is important that time is given to the dancer to allow  exploration for ones own creativity to grow, especially in choreography. Dancers have many demands put upon them from choreographers, Directors, teachers and even more so by themselves. To move a certain way, perfect steps at the right speed and envelop the character or presence required to capture the role or desired visualisation of the piece.

When dancers are given the task of choreographing their own work, they instantly feel one of two things; Utter fear and panic of ‘oh my goodness where do I start? I can’t choreograph! I don’t know what to do! Once this short period has passed and often with support of their teachers and fellow dancers around them they begin to embrace the process and enjoy the freedom of movement and revel in the curiosity of how their body responds to their own natural movement choices musicality and creativity.

At KS Dance, Students are given both self-guided and supported choreographic sessions throughout the year with the opportunity to perform their own choreographies at the end of the ‘Autumn term’ in our Theatre Studio and again at the end of the ‘Summer term’ at our ‘Graduation and Choreographic Evening’ held in the Brindley Theatre.

At the end of December our audience members enjoyed a fantastic evening of dance that was filled with mood lifting and upbeat choreographies. There was a time when fashionable choreography became quite deep and somber. Some would say even dark and somewhat, especially in the lighting of pieces. However our students captured dance in all of it’s best form.  Celebrating different cultures, uplifting and emotive works and the clever use of expression, costuming and musicality to entertain our guests and Senior Adjudicator Mr David Needham.

We are so very proud of all of our dancers and thrilled to see so many of them thrive in their choreographic performances and opportunities.   

Winners- 3rd Year Students – Danielle Burgess & Chloe Horton

Runner up- 3rd Year Student –   George Brereton-Evans

Commendation- 3rd Year Students – Paris Dalee & Jessica Lerwill 

Commendation- 1st Year Student – Charlotte Harrington

Allegrodance Award- 3rd Year Students – Lian Draycott & Ella Matthews

As a result of winning the Allegrodance Award, Ella Matthews and Lian Draycott will perform their piece as part of the Allegrodance Touring Company production which will tour in February and March 2020.

Congratulations to all of the dancers in putting on a fantastic evening of dance entertainment.