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Summer School 2018… “Truly Amazing”

Nathalie Leger, Takashi Kondo, Bernard Pierre-Louis, Romany Pajdak (Royal Ballet Company), Dane Hurst (Choreographer and Former Dancer with Rambert) were just some of the Guest Teachers at this year’s Summer School.

The good news… Summer School at KS Dance is back in 2019. We will be sharing information and registration for next Summer in September 2018.

We were honoured to welcome esteemed Dancers, Coaches and Choreographers to our Summer School. Dancers enjoyed 8 days of Ballet Class, Classical rep, new choreography, Pas de Deux, Jazz and a variety of contemporary styles.

Kate Simmons and her team of brilliant colleagues brought a packed timetable of Dancing to students in order to demonstrate the high standards required by the Dance industry in the modern age.

Miss Simmons also previewed original work for her next major creation for 2019, Romeo and Juliet. With the KS Dance Healthy Dancer Programme in place, the Summer School offered 5 sessions with Rupert Wiltshire from Science in Dance who presented strength and conditioning classes and injury prevention discussions for young dancers.

The Summer School allowed students from a variety of backgrounds to experience elite training without having to audition for the summer programme.

A Parent stated… “There are lots of associate programmes and summer schools that young dancers have to audition for. This can place unwanted stress on a child during Summer. KS Dance offered a family style environment for all Dancers to simply enjoy the art from and experience world class training.”

We are excited to bring Summer School 2019 to you with the same feel and just as many internationally renowned Teachers to inspire young Dancers across Europe.

Watch This Space for Information on the 2019 programme for vocational and part time Dancers.

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