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Guest Teachers 2018

We are fortunate to welcome Miss Romany Pajdak of The Royal Ballet and Mr Dane Hurst, internationally renowned Contemporary Dancer, as Guest Teachers at our 2018 International Summer Schoo. 25th July – 1st August.

Alongside these two wonderfully talented individuals will be the finest Dance Coaches Britain has to offer. Kate Simmons and Gillian Hurst have pulled out all the stops to deliver coaching of Solo, Corps de Ballet and Contemporary repertoire as well Technique clinics to develop the skills required in vocational training and Professional Dance.

Complimentary to this, there will practical sessions regarding Dance Health, Strength and Conditioning delivered by Rupert Wiltshire of Science in Dance. As well as our guest teachers, Dancers and Teachers are travelling from around the globe to attend the week long intensive.

The Summer School is for Dancers aged 13 years and upward. There will be pointe work and pas de deux classes therefore Students will be required to be versed in pointe work before they attend the course.

For information and bookings please contact our offices via email: or call 01925 837 693.