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Nurturing Talented Dancers Through Individualisation.

At KS Dance we understand differentiation extremely well. It is very important that when teaching a class of all backgrounds, abilities, experience, genders and ages that, there is the required approach and preparation taken into consideration. With over 30 years of training dancers KS Dance has the knowledge and understanding of how differentiation is used during mixed classes versus a ‘one style fits all.’Talented Dancers

All dancers needs are different to one another.  We are not just talking about the steps or exercises used, but the focus of the class. Its theme, aims and or objectives must be taken into consideration when training young dancers today in all styles of dance.  Our expert teachers understand the difference of approach required, for example ‘class plans.’ It is not always necessary to spend too long at the barre in either an all male ballet class where the main focus is possibly to train in particular Grand Allegro, and tour en lair, precision of footwork such as batterie (beats) in the Allegro sections of class. At KS Dance we give time within our training course to also study Virtuosity, which in turn produces powerful technically skilled, stronger employable dancers. In a pointework class, It could be more beneficial also for more advanced dancers to spend less time at the barre to allow them more time in the class to work on pirouettes, fouettes and autour de la salle.

KS Dance offers individual coaching alongside its regular ballet classes within the timetable. ‘One to one’ coaching for students is the perfect opportunity to discuss in depth how to achieve the correct posture for each individual, weight placement, stance and the use of the foot along the floor throughout class, to name but a few items. Included also in the curriculum is Pas de Deux, Classical Solos and Repertoire. Our students also work towards Classical Competitions and Awards both Nationally and Internationally.

Here at KS Dance we have a wonderfully skilled Faculty and our students enjoy being taught by some of the best Male and Female ex Principal Company Dancers and Guest Artists that the UK and Europe have to offer.

We would encourage anyone who is interested in a career in dance of any genre to attend our Open Days on the 13th & 14th November 2019.  Our upcoming performances at The M&S Arena (formerly the Echo Arena) Liverpool at the Can You Dance Event on the 19th & 20th October and our Audition Days, which happen throughout the year. This is the perfect way to meet our esteemed Faculty and staff and watch us in action training today’s dancers in reaching their potential. Do not hesitate to contact our offices for further details.

For any students working at pre-vocational level, know that at KS Dance we understand the importance of ‘getting it right’ but more importantly how to teach you, how to  ‘get it right.’

KS Dance teachers work very closely with a fantastic ‘Wellness Team’ that supports all of our dancers throughout their training during their years at KS Dance. Together these highly skilled professionals provide all of our dancers with a unique learning experience through a process that benefits each and every individual dancer to learn how to manage injury prevention and look after their wellbeing once employed within the industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event. Please do not hesitate to contact us about how we can assist you in your vocational training on 01925 837 693 or if you prefer Email us on