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Are You Wanting to Train As A Fulltime Dancer?

KS Dance is holding Auditions on the 20th January and February 3rd 2022

For dance students working at pre-vocational training level, aged 16+ upwards. The auditions are for those wanting to achieve a place on the 3 Year professional Performers Course commencing September 2022.

Download your audition pack here AUDITION Application

For more information about the course offered CLICK HERE


Requirements for your online submission:
  • Full Ballet Barre, including adage
  • Centre practice
  • Adage in the centre
  • Single or double Pirouettes en dehors and en dedans from 4th positions.
  • Petit allegro including Glissade jete and Brisses.
  • Full Grand Allegro showing Grand jete en avant and grand jete en tournant.
  • Close up footage of pointework at the barre and in the centre, showing echappes, releves passes.
  • A Contemporary/ Jazz solo
Footage can be sent via YouTube Link. please set your video settings to private where necessary.

DaDA Funding Available

Following on from a successful audition and place offer, further documentation and funding options can be made available to you.

Our dance course at KS Dance is intricately tailored to ensure the highest standard of dance training is maintained for the aspiring dancer or dance teacher. Whether you aspire to be a Classical Ballet Dancer, Contemporary Dancer, work in the West End or pursue a Commercial Dance Career,  KS Dance is the place for you.

After a successful audition and interview process it is devised what needs are suited best for the individual dancer to further their career in dance and fulfil their passion.

Course offered:

A 3 Year Professional Performers Course, study Level 6 Diploma in Professional dance with optional teaching qualifications for those students enrolled onto the Performers Course.

Since 2012, KS Dance has developed and enhanced its course to deliver the Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance.  Students at KS Dance are placed on our Course with the opportunity to Major in their 3 chosen Genre; Classical Ballet, Jazz/Commercial and Contemporary dance. Students will also have Spanish Dance, Commercial, Tap and Vocal Studies available to them on their timetables. This allows a wide variety of subjects for students to study and train in, with a focussed attention to their chosen specialisms.  The course at KS Dance is tailored to maximise the technical and artistic development of each individual, in all subjects.

Dance Qualifications offered:

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