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Dancing Virtually

So we can all say that the ‘Summer Term’ 2020 was not like anything imaginable. However KS Dance is immensely proud of its ‘Dance Family’ for how hope, commitment, motivation, organisation and determination was not lost.

As college students, teachers and staff rallied together and put a ‘Virtual Term’ plan together and with over 47 hours of dance classes per week, shared between the full time and part time students, our online Zoom classes were launched in March.

There have been some very difficult times for all as we know. For dancers it has been about digging deep and coming to the realisation of how much they do love and respect their talent and art form. Plus also the overwhelming feeling of gratitude for those that teach them, those that they danced with daily who they call best friends and those that they could always rely on no matter what.

The dancers have had to quickly accept a very isolated and different way of learning, much time has been spent on mostly getting to grips with the new way of teaching and learning for our teachers.  Overcoming technological issues and any camera shyness. Our Staff and students were very quick to understand the reasoning behind why and accepted instantly that it must be so.

By moving our classes online and. asking our ‘dance family’ to stay home, was very upsetting for all of us however, we fully believed it was necessary action in protecting the NHS, Carers and Key Workers doing our bit when it came to helping to save lives and protecting the vulnerable. KS Dance closed its doors ahead of the Governments announcement as it was felt that it was the right thing to do in order to protect the vulnerable and elderly members immediately amongst its community.

All of our students have embraced their ‘Virtual Term’ and fully understood the reasons as to why the college must as all others, operate for the time being in this way. For all dancers and teachers around the globe that have adapted in this difficult time, we congratulate you for continuing on with your training and for your dedication to the Arts and for not giving up on the Industry and most importantly for not giving up on the hope of better days to come.

KS Dance is a college that has the highest of standards, the highest in qualified and experienced dance teachers and musicians. The kindest of people and the most respectful cohort of students.

If you would like to join the KS Dance family and begin you dance training with us then pease do not hesitate to contact us on 01925 837 693 or Email

KS Dance is proud to be part of the DaDa Scheme, so get in touch today for your ‘Audition Application Pack’

We look forward to hearing from you from all the team at KS Dance.