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KS Dance are excited to announce another audition date for entry into the Senior Programme 2015

On Tuesday 21st April KS Dance Ltd are holding Classical Ballet and Jazz auditions for entry into the Senior Programme September 2015.

Available Courses

Dancers Course

This is a multifaceted three year course. Today’s dancer has to be versatile and multi talented to meet the expectations of choreographers in a constantly changing theatrical environment. Training not only concentrates on strength of technique in the dance modules but works on performance skills, audition technique as well as maintaining a strong classical base which is essential for any dance discipline. Students are also individually coached in singing and Musical Theatre group work.

Classical Dancers Course

Dancers selected for this course must display a high standard of classical ballet at the audition and should already be training at advanced level.
The course places great emphasis on the fine-tuning and training of development in classical dancers. The main subjects are Classical Ballet, Pointe Work, Repertoire, Boys Work, Pas de Deux, Virtuosity and Contemporary. In all of these subjects, we work towards the enhancement of classical technique, strength, purity of line, co-ordination, quality of movement and artistry. By the end of the second year, we aim for dancers to have reached classical company standard, so students can be prepared and able to audition or attend company classes wherever possible, during the third year.

Dance Teachers Course

This is a fully comprehensive course, which also boasts a very high success rate. Not only does it offer young teachers all the subjects listed on the curriculum, but it also offers DDI and DDE training in ISTD. Cecchetti Ballet, Modern, Tap, and the Spanish Dance Society IDB.

The students have lectures in basic anatomy, health and safety and life span development as well as tuition in voice projection skills, psychology and History of Dance. Analysis of technique is essential to a young teacher. This is delivered in DDI (Grades 1-5) and DDE (Grades 6- Intermediate) to assist the students in understanding the development and progression of the grades through to major level. Music plays a great part in any teachers development these lectures are interspersed with the DDI and DDE Modules as are classes in choreography.

Please request your Prospectus, Audition Application via the website or by calling the office number on 01925 837693

We look forward to seeing you there!