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Post Graduate Training

How can we help further your dance training with Post Graduate Support?

When you feel you need a little added extra time when your dance training comes to an end. KS Dance now offers Post Graduate Training and Support.

Sometimes 3 years just isn’t enough, especially with the impact of the last few years. It may be that you came to dance training later on in your teen years and you feel that you really could benefit further in confidence, technique and gain even more transferable skills with just a little added extra time.

If this sounds interesting? We can chat more with you about the training that is on offer for any Post Graduate wishing to join us in September 2022 and considering furthering their training here with us at KS Dance.

We can offer tailored training to suit your needs with the main focus being on any areas of personal progression, dance genre and dance skills that you are wanting to develop in more especially when you feel you need a little added extra time when your dance training comes to an end.

Creating performances and opportunities from the studio to the stage including in collaboration with Ballet North West

We know that dancers want to be on stage every minute of every day. That is why we are involved in numerous performance events through out the year, coming up you will see us at the following events:

Move it, London
Can You Dance, Liverpool
CDMT Careers Day
The Brindley Theatre and Arts Centre, Runcorn with:
The Allegrodance Touring Company and our Annual Productions
2 Week National Tour with The Allegrodance Company
Adjudicated Choreographic Competitions
Barbara Geoghegan classical competitions for eligible students

The Allegrodance Touring Company goes out on tour throughout the UK, performing smaller versions of major Ballets and Theatre productions to Schools, National Theatres and Public Venues. The main aim is to widen the reach of the Arts, to areas of the UK that would not normally experience the wonders of the Performing Arts. Simultaneously also serving as fantastic performance opportunities for our dancers as they interact with audiences of all ages through workshops as well as experiencing a variety of performance styles and different spaces.

Specialise and train in Classical Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz styles with many more styles and teaching opportunities available to you. Develop your confidence and technique with a little added extra time in the studio.

Post Graduate

Graduate Employment

Graduates of KS Dance have been securing excellent dance company contracts worldwide for over 20 years. KS Dance has a unique approach to careers for dancers and therefore dancers come to the college and gain jobs all over the world within the industry.

  • Cats The Musical (Vienna) 
  • Anastasia (Austria)
  • Moulin Rouge, Paris France
  • Northern Ballet Company, UK
  • Varna State Opera
  • SemperOper Ballet, Dresden
  • State Ballet Company, Ostrava Czech Republic
  • Bucharest State Ballet Company
  • Serbian National Ballet
  • Sarajevo Ballet
  • Ballet Vanemuine Estonia
  • K Ballet, Japan
  • English National Ballet Company
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet Company
  • Essen Ballet Company, Germany
  • Friedrich Stadt Palast, Berlin Germany
  • Ballet of München Gladbach
  • Ballet Victoria, Vancouver
  • Tokyo Ballet
  • Sarasota Ballet, USA
  • Ballet Flemming, USA
  • Independent Ballet, Wales UK
  • European Ballet
  • Soul Ballet
  • Vienna Festival Ballet
  • London Ballet Company
  • Ballet Northwest Company
  • Spirit of the Dance, Worldwide
  • X Factor, Backing Dancers, London UK
  • Stiletto Agency
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises 
  • Costa Cruise Lines
  • Carnival Cruises
  • P&O Cruises
  • Cunard Cruises
  • Thomson Cruises
  • Fred Olsen Cruises
  • Desmond America Cruises
  • Euro Disney / Disneyworld Performances
  • Las Vegas Show Girls
  • Cirque de Soleíl

We would love to hear from you!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have: or by phone 01925 837 693

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