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What Opportunities Students Can Get Training With KS Dance

We have always worked hard here at KS Dance to make available performance opportunities to all of our dance students throughout their training years and also for Graduates of the school thereafter.

Granted with today’s current times and all the challenges that the Arts Industry has had to meet head on, bringing dancers and audiences together has been well and truly halted. However here at KS Dance we have adapted in the way that we shall be delivering our performances out to all of our much loved audiences.

Using many digital devices to stream, creating Zoom meetings and specially recorded performances for our dancers to still be able to reach their audiences and bring a positive impact to those who are like us seriously missing the Dance World as we knew it.

Dancers are some of the most resilient and adaptable people to most situations and this new normal will serve all of us well as we continue to evolve, persevere, think outside the box (no pun intended) and as we have always lived by those famous saying.. “The show must go on”  and

We look forward to large events and the bringing of audiences and dancers together again once venues are able to re-open safely, then once more, our dancers will be able to enjoy again times when the college is invited to join annual performances with CYD (Can You Dance) in Liverpool and the national event of CDMT’s Careers Day. These have always been fantastic performance opportunities for the students to dance ‘New Works’ and choreography in varying styles such as Contemporary, Jazz & Neo-Classical on Pointe.
As the audience members of both of these events are built up of potential vocational students, our own students get to be Ambassadors of KSD and represent the school proudly.

The running of Vocational Dance Exams and Teaching Examinations are continuing on with the ever changing adaptability and availability to run virtually or in person. We as a college are keeping up-to-date and continue to follow the advice given by the ISTD in continuing on with our dancers professional development and training in all genres.

We must all remember that every situation is temporary and these everchanging situations we find ourselves in are also temporary.

We look forward to performing for you all very soon, keep following us on our Social Media platforms Instagram @katesimmonsdance and Facebook @KSDance for all the updates you need about our upcoming performances.

Stay safe and well everyone from us all at KS Dance. x