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KS Dance Opens Its Doors 2019

Principal Miss Kate Simmons and her Team welcomed over 100 guests at the annual 2 Day KS Dance Open Days this year.

Our guests were welcomed early on the Wednesday Morning with the first classes of the day being Contemporary and Jazz, 2 of the 3 Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance main genres. Our dancers learnt and demonstrated their class work for all of our visitors to experience an ‘in the studio learning’ environment and were taken through the process of what it is like to be a vocational level dancer in training at KS Dance. Visitors enjoyed being a “fly on the wall” as they were taken exercise by exercise through each lesson, watching the level of dance that our students are working at from 1st Year up to 3rd Year and hearing the unique and individual specific training that KS Dance is renowned for, being delivered to our students whilst witnessing them progress in both confidence and technique during the two days.

The 2nd half of day one was filled with Vocal Studies and Ballet Classes. Classical Ballet is also a Major subject of the Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance.  An incredibly successful day 1 ended with a presentation of all the Classical Solos that our current students are working hard on for the Barbara Geoghegan Classical Awards this month at Saddlers Wells, London. “Chukkas”

Day 2 was filled with ballet classes including pointework, classical repertoire, pas de deux, and Spanish dance.

Over the course of the 2 days, pre vocational dancers visiting us were able to join in certain classes specifically put on for them. Giving them an insight into how it feels to be a vocational dancer in training at KS Dance. These young dancers took classes in Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz the 3 main Genre for the Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance and also Spanish Dance which is a supporting Minor subject at Level 6, Commercial Street Dance and a Wellness and Strength lecture. The feedback received from our prospective students was that they thoroughly enjoyed taking lessons with our wonderful teachers and that they felt they could see themselves training with us each day.

To bring this magnificent event to a close our guests were treated to a showcase of  ‘Assassins Creed’ a Neo Classical piece danced on pointe and ‘Miniworld’ a Lyrical Jazz piece. Both numbers were very well received by our audience members and it was the perfect way to close a successful 2 days of  ‘Open Days’ at KS Dance.

We would like to thank everyone again for coming to visit us and for taking the time to chat with us about how we can help you in the next chapter of your training.

It was so lovely to meet all the future KS Dancers and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next audition sessions, on December 1st  2019. Please contact our offices to attend and or for further audition dates, Theatre Tours and Productions and for further information on our 3 Year courses available.