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Watch Our Open Day 2021 Now.

Get yourself a cup of your favourite hot drink, a pen and paper. Set aside 20 minutes, get comfy and watch our informative virtual Open Day 2021.

Why the pen and paper?

This Open Day is jam packed full of information about our Courses offered, Graduate Destinations, Performance and Career Opportunities.

You will hear from our Director and Principal, Kate Simmons and Faculty Members as we talk to you all about KS Dance, Our Courses and Training, The Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance, DaDa Scheme and so much more.

We hope you enjoy your Open Day Experience. We look forward to receiving any questions that you may have about our next available auditions, our audition process and criteria. Simply call us on 01925 837 693 or email us on and request or download here your Audition Application Form  

Next Available Virtual Auditions are January 31st & February 9th

Studio Auditions 2021
Mar 14th / Mar 28th and April 25th