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Open Days 2019

Dance College Open Days

Our Dance College Open Days for 2019 are coming up!

  • 13th and 14th November
  • Two Interactive Days
  • Watch our Students, Chat with Us, Dance with Us.
  • Tickets are Free for both days.
  • Jazz, Commercial, Ballet, Pas de Deux, Contemporary, Lyrical, Spanish, Tap, Musical Theatre.
  • Our first audition date is 12th November. Spend the next two days after experiencing KS Dance. APPLY NOW

Open Day 2019 allows Dancers a unique opportunity to take part in the classes and creative processes at KS Dance. Plus a fantastic opportunity for current Families and Supporters of KS Dance to take in a full timetable at KS Dance.

On top of our usual demonstrations of Jazz, Ballet, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and more, Dancers will be able to take part in short taster classes of all our major genre and learn classic and new age choreography in our main studios.

Sign up to both days and take part in all of our taster sessions.

Day 1 (Wednesday) Includes:

Jazz, Contemporary Demonstrations plus Musical Theatre and Classical Ballet Solo Sessions

Each Taster Class (45 mins):

1 x Jazz/Lyrical   1 x Contemporary   1 x Ballet

Day 2 (Thursday) Includes:

Ballet, Tap, Spanish, Repertoire and Showcase from latest events (Show Pieces and CYD? Performance)

Each Taster Class (45 mins):

1 x Ballet  1 x Spanish  1 x Commercial

All Sessions can be viewed by Spectators.

Tickets are Available to Dancers and Spectators. These include: 2 Day Tickets and the option to attend 1 Day.

The Event is free of charge and open to the public as well as associate members of KS Dance.

The aim of our Dance College Open Days are to give Young Dancers searching for Pre-Professional Training to suit them. In 2019, we want to give the prospective students the chance to take part in all the dance styles that you can major in at KS Dance.


Whether your speciality is Commercial Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop or Ballet, KS Dance has something for you!