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In 2024 Allegrodance is completely Student Led!

Allegrodance Touring Company is a community-oriented dance company that offers children the opportunity to experience dance and theatrical expression. The dancers showcase a variety of styles as well as a story telling production. In addition to that, Allegrodance offers interactive workshops in which their young audience explores both dance and dance related themes through a multi-sensory approach. They can become an active part of the experience by learning dance steps and discovering the backstage secrets of Allegrodance Touring Company.

Allegrodance Touring Company presents “My Colourful Journey”

This production is inspired by Early Years, Key Stage 1 and Ket Stage 2 Learning materials and gives young families and children the chance to explore emotions and feelings through Performing Arts. Inspiration has been taken from the Children’s Book “The Colour Monster” by Anna Llenas which has had much success amongst children and educators.

Through our interactive workshops our Allegrodance Performers will be teaching young audience members choreography and themes from the story.

This exciting new and original production has been Choreographed, Designed and Staged entirely by our Graduates of 2024. Alongside this Jonnie Gait, our Head of Music, has composed and arranged an exciting and expressive score to accompany the Allegrodance Touring Company 2024.

Tickets for Allegrodance Touring Company 2024

This exciting new production offers it’s audience the opportunity to explore emotions and feelings that young people. Joining Charlie’s journey through their emotions, we can understand the core of what we feel. August, Charlie’s older sibling, helps us recognise our emotional experiences and together we can discover calmness, happiness, fear, anger, sadness, and love.