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Our ‘Allegrodance Touring Company’ is in full swing after successfully completing the first leg of our national tour we are now yet again enjoying more performances this week as part of our second leg in Lymm, Runcorn and Partington.

Allegrodance rehearsals for Hansel and Gretel Tour 2016

Allegrodance rehearsals for Hansel and Gretel Tour 2016

This touring dance group is an opportunity for our dancers to gain experience above and beyond their training experiences at college.  Our policy has always been taking dance to the children and to the community. Just as it is important for us to celebrate our own achievements, it is important to expose other school and college students/pupils to different cultures and arts. They look forward to the dance workshops and dance performancesand then reflect on, and attempt to aspire to some of the quality displayed. It also encourages all groups to be part of dance productions.

All the students take part in Allegrodance and the amount of work given is greatly dependent on the students year and experience. The students not only have to learn very varied Classical Repertoire, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Commercial Street and Spanish Dance works in a short period of time but then, they must be able to perform it to the highest of levels.

This year we have been joined by 3 professional dancers within the current dance industry, Lukas Hunt, Philip Tunstall and Hulya Levent. The students in the company have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the professional dancers and seeing for themselves an insight into the professional world and generally “picking their brains” about all the “ins and outs” of the industry that they so wish to become a part of professionally themselves.


For a second year running the ‘Allegrodance Touring Company’ have been supported by The Arts Council England and we wish to take this opportunity to thank them for their support. This continued support has made it possible for our company to collaborate with Kevin Turner from ‘Company Chameleon’ with the structuring of our post performance workshops and the delivery of these workshops. We would like to thank Kevin also for his excellent classes given to our dancers leading up to this years tour 2016.

Once again the dancers have been able to perform our narrated ballet ‘Hansel & Gretel’ accompanied by the Soundscape Chamber Orchestra playing a newly commissioned score by the brilliantly talented Adam Kornas. It is such a pleasure and a real treat for young dancers to have the opportunity to perform with an orchestra. Both the dancers and the audience members experience is heightened by the live orchestra as they enhance the magic and the mood of the ballet which is simply captivating in its own right.

The Allegrodance Touring Company and The Soundscape Chamber Orchestra will be in the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn on Wednesday 24th February performing at 1pm and 7pm- Tickets can be bought directly from the Box Office on 0151 907 8360 or via their website

We look forward to having you in or audience!!

Should you wish to book our company for the 2017 tour, please do not hesitate to contact us on to request your booking form.