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Week 2 of Allegordance Tour 2020

Allegrodance Week 2 On Tour Complete

And just like that we are over half way through our Allegrodance Tour 2020 already….

It has been another busy week for our company dancers. Early morning tour bus departures, followed by warm up ballet classes led by the wonderful Miss Gillian Hurst. Spacing calls, costume setting, hair, make up, lighting, sound, stage management and crew meetings.

This weeks audiences of all ages, were ‘wowed’ in Altrincham and Manchester venues, as our talented dancers performed for them 7 different dance genres which, include Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Spanish Dance, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and Tap Dance

amounting to a 1.5hr performance and interactive dance class workshop where repertoires from the performance are taught by the company dancers to participating audience members.

The dancers of the company throughout their 2 month rehearsal period must learn many different parts of the ballet. Everything from Principal dancing roles to Principal Character roles to the Ensemble and Corps de Ballet. It is quite normal for the dancers to learn 2-3 parts at the same time. Once the stage set and design is erected and the dress rehearsals in the studios begin our company members begin to learn everything about sound, lighting and stage hand duties, for without the technical crew our wonderful performances would simply not be possible.

With just one more week to go of this years Allegrodance tour 2020 do not hesitate to enquire about the 2021 tour on 01925 837693.