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Huge Congratulations to all of the Dancers this year for presenting an incredible Cyril Beaumont Scholarship 2020. With all of 2020’s additional factors to tend to and to think about. Our students really danced to their best abilities and gave our Adjudicators Brenda Last OBE, Patron of KS Dance and Ex Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet Company and Soloist Dancer of the Royal Ballet Company, Romany Pajdak plenty to discuss as they sourced out their overall Winner, Runner Up, Most Promising Boy, Musicality Award Winner and Commendations.

From Left to Right ~

Musicality Award – Ally Lawson, Commendation – Kate Reaney, Cyril Beaumont Winner – Benjamin Newman, Commendation – Hannah Gerrard, Centre Ms Pajdak, Commendation – Eleanor Breheny, Most Promising Boy – Oisín Middleton, Commendation – Katie Maddox, Runner Up – Gracie Collins.

The Ballet historian, author and critic, Cyril Beaumont, was a good friend to the Maestro Enrico Cecchetti and it was through the influence of Cyril Beaumont that the Cecchetti Society was founded in 1922, to preserve and promote the Maestro Enrico Cecchetti’s work..

KS Dance would like to thank the Cecchetti Trust for supporting the art of classical Ballet in particular, the Cecchetti Method of training in Classical Ballet.

What a great way to end a successful  ‘Autumn Term’ Dancers. Well done to all of the students as Ms Last said “Congratulations to you all and your determination to continue on, during these difficult and unprecedented times.”