ex professional dancer, Peter Parker
Any Professional dancer and teacher has always been welcome at KS Dance.

The one-year course has helped many dancers make the transition from stage to professional teaching and can be tailored to suit the individual.
Some classical dancers wish to work for the major ballet exams, DDE – whereas others opt for Modern, Tap or Spanish plus Ballet – therefore qualifying in two subjects.
A lot of  ex professionals have been out of touch with children and student training and welcome the opportunity to work with our Junior Programme. Included in the  DDE classes are child development, choreography and voice tuition.
Even though many ex professionals have done a certain amount of teaching, the course enables them to develop their eye for correction and learn a structured development programme of dance training.

Entry to this course is by curriculum vitae with photographs and a letter of reference from your last employer.


Personalised from the modules on each course.

Teaching Qualifications

Diploma in Dance Education (DDE), Licentiate and Fellowship are available in:

  • Cecchetti Ballet
  • Modern
  • Tap

Application is through submitting a CV and recent photograph, followed by an informal interview with Kate Simmons and Gillian Hurst to establish the best way to obtain the necessary and appropriate qualifications.

Participants can be accommodated on either a full-time or part time basis, depending upon the amount of time the individual has available. A fully retired dancer might choose the full-time option, whereas a dancer still performing might prefer to study part-time, for example, during an agreed period of leave from a company.

It is also possible to register for a DDI (Diploma in Dance Instruction) and attend a course at weekends, returning to complete the course at a later date.

Fees are variable dependent on modules taken. These are available upon request.

The qualifications are accredited by the ISTD in Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method), Modern and Tap, with the option to participate in other classes on the curriculum e.g. Contemporary, Flamenco and Jazz.

Qualifications AvailableMartin Dutton Professional Dancer

  • DDE Ballet
  • DDE Modern
  • DDE Tap
  • Licentiate Qualifications
  • Fellowship Qualifications
  • IDB Spanish Dance Society

The course is delivered by a professional faculty and designed to encourage the study of a syllabus, thereby instilling an understanding of vocabulary both pertinent to the younger student and later its subsequent development to a professional level.

Within the extensive and thriving Lower School there are ample opportunities for teaching practice, with guidance in the technique of planning, execution and evaluation.

Curriculum and topics covered on the course

  • Grade syllabus classes in selected genre
  • Major syllabus classes in selected genre
  • Analysis of technique
  • Developing the eye and understanding how to correct
  • Guidance with constructing classes and understanding how to balance a class
  • Choreography and class planning
  • Practice teaching with KS Dance Junior Programme
  • Health & safety

Our most recently qualified teachers include; Simone Clarke- ex English National Ballet, Martin Dutton- ex Schauffus Ballet, Lynsey and Simon Kidd, Jeremy Kerridge, Royce Neagle and Peter Parker- all ex Northern Ballet and Johnathan Payn- currently with Birmingham Royal Ballet. Sue Lucas- ex Birmingham Royal Ballet and Errol Pickford- ex Royal Ballet.
All would agree that, as a result of completing our course, they are better equipped to embark on a teaching career having acquired a better understanding of the Art of Pedagogy.


Dancers’ Career Development (DCD) supports dancers to make the often difficult transition from professional dancing to a new career by giving them the confidence and skills they need to keep working beyond performance. As a direct result of DCD retraining grants, many beneficiaries excel in their post-performance careers; often giving back to the dance profession.

“All at DCD congratulate Kate on the continued success of KS Dance and in particular her commitment, through the ex-professional dancer course, to supporting her fellow professional dancers to transition successfully into dance teaching, DCD wish KS Dance every success in the future” Linda Yates


“I have known the work of both Kate Simmons & Gillian Hurst for many years and can attest to their high level of expertise. The standard of work of graduating students from KS Dance has always been high with an above average percentage of students securing work as performers or teachers.
Ex-Professionals have always been successful in obtaining their qualifications, taking advantage of the focused yet friendly environment at KS Dance, where they benefit from the excellent facilities and are afforded the respect they deserve following their professional experience.
The Cecchetti Method of Classical Ballet is taught on the course which underpins all that is required for training all levels of students. I encourage any ex-professional dancer to consider this course as the next stage of their career.” Elisabeth Swan. Fellow and Examiner ISTD (CB), CICB