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Allegrodance Week 3 On Tour

Our dancers this week had to consider their wellbeing somewhat more this week in preparation for the shows in Chelmsford as the journey is around 4hours each way. It is a long time to ask a dancer to sit still.

Some will think it’s possible to sleep the entire journey there therefore, opting for a later night the night before. However it is not always the best idea, as not everyone is able to sleep on a coach, and often for those that have had a good nights sleep the night before well, they want to use the free time enjoying and  having a good natter with their friends and colleagues.

It is very important for dancers on tour, that they get their sleep hours into a regular pattern and try to not disturb this due to a touring schedule.

Dancers on tour also have to ensure they have any medical aids if needed with them, for example if they suffer with travel sickness etc. It is paramount that they have enough food and water to maintain a healthy nutritious diet whilst away from the luxury of being able to cook in a kitchen.

As we ventured this last week to Manchester and Chelmsford, the dancers were all in great form and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of tour, especially taking the show far and wide over the last 3 weeks.

Once we arrived in Chelmsford our dancers were taken through a mobilisation warm up by our Strength and Conditioning team to re-introduce movement safely back to the body before the ballet barre and ballet class began. On tour the ballet class tends to focus as always but even more so after a long journey, on placement, getting the dancers ‘back onto their legs’ on flat, demi pointe and pointe.

Allegrodance is in its 22nd year over 1800 audience members each year during the 3 weeks are lucky enough to watch our dancers in the annual performance. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming to watch us year after year and for helping our dancers have such a positive experience whilst out on tour.