Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance

dance school cheshire graduationIt is essential that with the new raising of school leaving age for 16 & 17 yr olds, that parents and students are in possession of ALL THE FACTS.
As we are a FURTHER EDUCATION COLLEGE the qualifications we offer are at the following levels;

  • DDI (Diploma in Dance in Instruction) – Level 3  equivalent to AS level
  • DDE (Diploma in Dance Education) – Level 4 equivalent  to A2 level
  • LEVEL 6 DIPLOMA IN PROFESSIONAL DANCE – Degree level that can be topped up to a BA(Hons)

With the dance students having all of this at their disposal over the 3 years at KS Dance, it is the best way for talented dance students to train and achieve a job in the Dance Industry – whilst at the same time gaining worthwhile qualifications. – at A Level and above.


It is possible to achieve all of the units in DDI within the first year. Study for this includes

  • Practical study and demonstration of Grades 1-5
  • Health and Safety examination
  • Structured class observations
  • Intermediate level exam in the appropriate genre listed above

These units are an integral part of all dance student training regardless of the course that they are studying. It involves analysis of technique,the study of the dancers stance (including various body types) and basic anatomy and physiology.

It is essential for today’s dancer to opt for the study of at least one genre.


  • dance school stafford graduation The practical study and demonstration of Grade 6 – Intermediate
  •  Teaching assessment with Senior Examiner at chosen level
  •  Lifespan development examination
  •  Coaching in class planning and progression
  •  Practice teaching opportunities in KS Dance Junior programme


  • Monthly in house assessment in major and minor dance genres
  • Twice yearly moderation of chosen practical dance genres in studio by Trinity College
  • Assessment of touring performance with Allegrodance Company  by Trinity College
  • Assessment of third year students within graduate performance at appointed theatre by Trinity  College

IPS – INTEGRATED PROFESSIONAL STUDIES – in the following topics ie lectures and tests

  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Basic anatomy and physiology
  • Risk assessments for the Allgrodance Touring Company
  • Budgeting for auditions and life as a dancer
  • Tax, PAYE and being self employed
  • Equity and agents

PROJECT WORK – to include

  • ks-dance-school-cheshire-graduationChoreography and production
  • Costume design
  • Set and lighting design
  • Contextual projects

This all gives formal recognition to the skills, knowledge and understanding acquired by dance students in their training for employment as professional dancers  through Trinity’s International Examinations Board. This Diploma in Dance has been recognised by the Department of Education and Employment as Level 6 within the National Qualifications framework. The Diploma is also available to dancers who are studying on the 3 Year Dancers Course or the Classical Dance Course at KS Dance.

Applicants should also be able to demonstrate

  • Talent and the potential for future employment in the performing arts
  • The ability to benefit from intensive training
  • Curiosity, intelligence, mental and physical capabilities required to complete the course

Students are assessed at the end of the ‘Autumn’ and ‘Summer Term’ in college and in ‘Spring Term’ through the school production  and Allegrodance Touring Company.

Conversion of the Diploma to BA (Hons) Professional Practice

The Diploma is an APL route onto some MA programmes, including the MA Professional Practice at Middlesex University. However students may first wish to acquire a more academically oriented qualification at the same level.

Therefore students who have successfully completed their Diploma, can apply to Middlesex University to take the BA conversion course. The BA (Hons) Professional Practice (BAPP) has been created especially for students who have graduated from Trinity validated Providers. The course gives participants the opportunity to convert their diploma to a BA (Hons) while carrying on their professional activities. Taken over one year, participants will be required to compile a professional portfolio and undertake a practice-based project.

For more information please contact www.mdx.ac.uk/bapp