Children’s Ballet Classes


First of all, for our youngest of  children’s ballet students. This class is all about introducing young children and toddlers from the age of 2 years to the ballet basics through movement, song and play.
We encourage our budding ballerinas to explore their own ability to move and develop their confidence levels through dance and singing. This class brings so much joy and laughter to our toddlers.


Pre-School Ballet classes start at the age of 3. The class is a ballet structure with musical movement incorporated with the steps therefore a lot of basic co-ordination is learnt here. After a year the children are usually ready to attend a more structured class. In Primary Ballet Class where they will be able to work towards their first ballet exam. Our primary class is structured and the children will learn the Cecchetti Primary Syllabus.


children's ballet classes

KS Dance Junior Programme offers a wide variety of dance classes for all ages, including Classical Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap. If you require more information about the classes or on registering, please contact us. KS Dance does recommend that children consider ballet above other subjects. This gives a strong base for all dance subjects.



children's ballet dance school From the beginning of training at KS Dance, it is essential that the children and students attend at least 2 classes per week of the same subject if they are working toward an exam, in order to achieve the required standard.


KS Dance is fortunate to have this unique facility for Junior dance programme students.

Students displaying certain qualities and talent, as well as dedication are invited to attend the Graduate Class. This involves an extra Ballet class per week. Classes take the form of technique development, artistry improvisation, Spanish dance or contemporary dance.

Junior Graduates age range between 9-12 years and Senior Graduates 13-16 years.

Children's ballet classes Warrington


When the children’s ballet students have passed grade 6, they are then able to move on to the major syllabus and senior work, starting with Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced I and Advanced II (all major syllabus grades follow the Cecchetti method).


Major exams follow from Grade 5 starting with Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced I and II. Examinations are taken in Modern and Tap.

Children's Ballet backstage


Junior Programme also have their own productions for young students to have the opportunity to perform on stage in a theatre. Performance is valuable experience for children and at KS Dance we believe that it is an important aspect of their development. It enables our younger students to grasp a sense of where their training is leading them. KS Dance also participates in dance National and International competitions for juniors.


All students from Grades 3 and up have the opportunity to create their own work in either classical dance, modern dance, tap  dance or any chosen dance genre, which is then performed in our Annual Choreographic Competition, part of Prize Giving and Graduation.